Anna Kot

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Anna Painting

Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the structural elements of abstract art and how a single change in the balance of colour, for instance, or position of line or its direction, will influence what is expressed and how an image is read.

While I am keen to project a balanced and satisfying image, I also want to create something of expressive interest. And, just as verbal communication involves more than words and syntax, I want my images to go beyond the recognition of colour, line and form so they interact with the viewer, creating a sense of the fuller dialogue that is involved when ideas are exchanged between people. The colours I use are bright and invite the viewer to look, while the unexpected shifts or occasional ambiguities invite them to look again, posing questions which do not need an answer but which encourage the eye to notice, attend and wonder. While there is evidence of careful planning and measured execution, my paintings also retain the traces of error, accident and hints of previous decisions; thereby reflecting my desire to be open to the unknown and unexpected alongside a tendency to plan, reflect and analyse.

My photographs similarly reflect an interest in the structural aspects of visual art. As abstract patterns of scenes or structures in the world I pass through, they retain a sense of cohesion and balance. They often also contain an unexpected viewpoint and show up surprising juxtapositions.

Background Context

This interest in the visual language of abstract art reflects my interest with language and communication in a wider sense. I worked as a paediatric Speech and Language Therapist for many years, before switching the balance of activity in my life, placing art at the centre. I completed a Fine Art degree at Bath Spa University in 2012 and now have a studio at 44AD Artspace in the centre of Bath. I am also involved in a number of community based schemes such as Fringe arts Bath, the co-ordination of the Bath Open Art Prize, and the organization of BOS (Bath Open Studios) and Bear Flat Artists.

Anna Kot